Apr. 29, 2020

HARRISBURG – House Democrats today blocked a measure which would have provided the Wolf administration with necessary COVID-19 testing tools it requested to help protect Pennsylvanians and reopen the state. Southcentral region state legislators, including House Appropriations Majority Chairman Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Reps. Torren Ecker (R-Abbottstown), Dawn Keefer (R-Dillsburg), Kate Klunk (R-Hanover), Dan Moul (R-Gettysburg), Seth Grove (R-Dover), Mike Jones (R-York Township), Greg Rothman (R-Camp Hill), Sheryl Delozier (R-Lower Allen Township), Paul Schemel (R-Franklin), Mark Keller (R-Perry/Cumberland) and Barb Gleim (R-Carlisle), issued the following statement: 
“On Tuesday, Gov. Tom Wolf said the administration needs a benchmark and that he believes ‘there’s a pretty broad agreement that testing is going to be at the heart of whatever it is we do.’  
“Why then did House Democrats not jump on board for an opportunity today to expand testing? Protecting Pennsylvanians is our top priority. Doing so should not be politically motivated. 
“We find it extremely frustrating that when an attempt was made to provide the governor with what he requested, all but one House Democrat opted to not do what’s best for all Pennsylvanians. So many people are living in fear of the virus and testing would provide the answers so many of them are seeking.” 
A two-thirds majority of the House was needed to pass the amendment to allow for expanded testing. Every Republican member voted in favor, but only one Democrat chose to support the measure, which resulted in its defeat.?? 

Southcentral PA Republican Delegation 
Pennsylvania House of Representatives